The LI’s dedicated career website is celebrating its second birthday

Debbie Israel
Debbie Israel, one of four new “talking heads” to be added to the site in May.

Debbie Israel (in the video above) is one of four new “talking heads” that are being added to the site in May.

Steve Cole, the LI’s Education and Careers Executive, commented: “I want to be a landscape architect was launched two years ago. Over the past two years, the campaign has resulted in a 19% increase (from 446 new students to 532) in the number of students commencing, and a 26% increase (from 1351 to 1704) in the numbers applying for LI accredited courses, since the 2007-2008 academic year.”

The Institute has attended 30 UCAS careers fairs between 2008–10; distributed more than 15,000 LI careers packs; and March 2010 was the most successful month in the site’s history. To mark the second anniversary, the Landscape Institute will be updating the site with four new ‘talking heads’.

Amy Strong – Kingston University – 1st year of BA Hons + Diploma Landscape Architecture
“I just love how one day you can be working in a design studio; sketching, researching and modeling. Then, the next day you can be out around London doing loads of different things just touching, feeling and smelling the surroundings.

“What I love about the course is how diverse it is. Landscape is where we spend the majority of our time and that’s why I feel it’s important to make it a better place to live in.”

Mark Evans (Career Changer) – University of Gloucestershire – 1st year Graduate Conversion Course + Diploma Landscape Architecture
“I took a place at university studying oceanography but after a few months I realised it wasn’t quite what I wanted to be doing. I got in touch with the LI at a careers fair. I hadn’t really considered Landscape until that point but I was impressed and excited by what they had to say. It was something that I thought I could really throw myself into and enjoy.

“The thing that I’ve enjoyed most is, quite surprisingly, the strategic planning and policy context.

“In the long run, I’ll be doing something that benefits people in their everyday lives. They might not be aware of it but I will and that makes me happy.”

Debbie Israel (Career Changer) – Kingston University – Final year BA Hons + Diploma Landscape Architecture
“It’s great to see sites from one season to the next.

“I enjoy the subject because it’s not just about plants and trees but about how communities can grow together through landscape projects.”

Liam Adams – Hadlow College – Final year BSc Hons Landscape Management
“I got into this [landscape management] through an elderly neighbor who paid me to cut her lawn. Landscape management was right for me, it didn’t focus on propagation or hard landscape but the broader landscape. It’s mainly based on the management of existing environments and how we can improve these.

“I don’t want to say that the course is a Jack of all trades but it is very broad and I think that’s an advantage because it gives you a great understanding of landscape in itself. I’m really glad I did the course.”


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