Landscape apprenticeships in England are a step closer following government approval of the Landscape Technician and Chartered Landscape Professional apprenticeship standards

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Landscape apprenticeships in England are a step closer following government approval of two new apprenticeship standards.

The Landscape Technician (Level 3) and Chartered Landscape Professional (Level 7) standards received approval from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education earlier this month.

Supported and facilitated by the Landscape Institute (LI), the apprenticeships have been developed by a group of 20 employers from across the landscape sector. The new standards provide a viable alternative pathway into the landscape profession, teaching candidates the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are reflective of modern-day practice.

About the new apprenticeships

The Level 3 Landscape Technician Apprenticeship will typically take 2 years to complete, after which time successful apprentices will be invited to join the LI as Technician members.

The Level 7 Chartered Landscape Professional Apprenticeship will typically take 5-6 years to complete. During this time, apprentices will undertake an LI-accredited degree (under- and/or postgraduate) and successful apprentices will become Chartered Members of the Landscape Institute.

Next steps

The next stage of the journey is to seek government approval of the apprenticeship assessment methods, and to submit funding quotes from universities and colleges for the delivery of landscape apprenticeships. The government will use these quotes to set the maximum funding that will be available for each apprentice.

Once the apprenticeships are fully approved for delivery, any employer will be able to recruit apprentices using either their Apprenticeship Levy or government apprenticeship funding.

We envisage that final approval will be achieved later this year. Delivery will begin in September 2020, with education providers throughout England expressing interest.

In the first year, it is likely that a small number of apprenticeship places will be available in England. After that, we hope to see more apprenticeships on offer, as well as similar schemes in other parts of the UK.

Find out more about landscape apprenticeships.


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