The average salary for fully qualified landscape architects in the UK is £35,471, according to figures from a salary survey conducted by the LI in February this year

Salary survey 2011
Salary survey 2011

Just over 10 per cent of LI members responded to the survey, which asked a range of questions about salaries and employment status.

Data produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in November 2010 put the average wage for planners at £33,684, and architects at £36,886.

LI CEO Alastair McCapra commented: “These figures indicate that landscape architects appear to be maintaining their salary in comparison with related professions, but also that the built environment professions as a whole are not highly paid.

“The average is only a headline figure of course, and individual experience can vary very significantly, especially for those in the earlier stages of their career.”

Highs and lows

The survey shows that fully qualified landscape architects in the public sector are less likely to earn a low wage – nearly 2 per cent in the public sector earn less than £21,000, as opposed to more than 7 per cent in private practice.

However, public sector landscape architects are also less likely to earn the higher-level salaries, with fewer than seven per cent earning more than £41,000, and fewer than three per cent more than £51,000.

In the private sector, nearly 28 per cent of landscape architects earn more than £41,000, and 10 per cent more than £51,000.

As of this month, three per cent of LI members indicate that they are unemployed. However, this figure does not include members who are working part time and would like to work full time, or are otherwise underemployed.

The average salary for licentiate members participating in the survey was £23,572.

The next LI salary survey will be conducted in February 2012.

How landscape architecture salaries compare with related professions

Architects: £36,886
Engineering Professionals: £35,753
Civil engineers: £35,056
Chartered surveyors (not quantity surveyors): £35,000
Natural environment and conservation managers: £33,810
Town planners: £33,684

Source: This is money / ONS December 2010


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