The High Streets Task Force is accepting applications until 24 April to its register of experts, mentors and facilitators, providing a great leadership opportunity for LI Chartered members and Fellows

Altrincham. © Adrian Lambert / High Streets Task Force

The High Streets Task Force is a consortium of organisations helping revitalise England’s high streets and town centres by providing training, guidance and data to the people who make them.

The Task Force is building a register of experts, mentors and facilitators to provide direct support to local authorities and local communities. The LI is one of four professional bodies responsible for recruiting experts for the programme.

What is a high streets expert?

High Streets Task Force Experts will have a proven track record of applying substantial experience, knowledge and skill to high street and town centre transformation. As leaders and champions from the landscape and placemaking sectors, Experts will receive the highest remuneration – a day rate of £800.

They will be natural leaders and gifted communicators, with an analytic eye for assessing and unlocking the potential of a place. They will lead diagnostic and visioning workshops and stakeholder meetings, offer specialist expertise and recommendations to decision makers, and inspire them to rethink proposals.

Above all, they will balance passion with impartiality and leadership with diplomacy. They will develop a shared vision, broker workable solutions to complex problems, and elicit the best possible outcomes for people, place and nature.

Questions about the High Streets Task Force? Download a recording of the Q&A webinar.

High Streets Task Force Experts Register Q&A, 21 April 2020 (.wrf, 31 MB)

Please note that this recording is in .wrf (WebX recording format); you will need to download and install the WebEx Player from to watch it.

Please also note that, due to an internet outage around 42 minutes into the recording, there is a short period of missing sound. This lasts for around a minute before sound resumes.

About Landscape Institute HSTF Experts

Experts must:

  • Work for a Landscape Institute Registered Practice
  • Be a Fellow or a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute
  • Have at least 5 years’ experience in a relevant landscape specialism

The 12 specialist areas in which the LI will be recruiting High Street Experts are:

  1. Public realm design
  2. Masterplanning (including visioning)
  3. Visualisation and photography
  4. Landscape assessment
  5. Sustainability, climate change and resilience
  6. Community engagement (including co-design)
  7. Inclusive design
  8. Landscape construction and implementation
  9. Landscape engineering
  10. Landscape, park, or visitor management
  11. Procurement and tendering
  12. Water Management (including water-sensitive urban design and SuDS)

Landscape Institute Experts’ roles within the High Streets Task Force will be landscape-focused.

The LI is also recruiting mentors and facilitators for the Task Force. Mentors and facilitators do not need to work for an LI registered practice, but they must still hold Chartered status or Fellowship with the Institute.

For more information, see the High Streets Task Force guide to Experts, Mentors and Facilitators.

COVID-19: Changes to Task Force Pilot Programme

The High Streets Task Force began working with 14 towns in February. The Task Force has already conducted diagnostic visits in seven locations.

In light of the escalating COVID-19 pandemic, the remaining seven pilot visits will be postponed until there are no restrictions on movement and assembly.

The Task Force will continue to work with all 14 locations on piloting its range of online learning and webinar programmes. Most planned meetings will now take place online; the Landscape Institute, along with the other High Street Tasks Force partners, will put our digital upgrades and experience to good use in helping to deliver this.

The Task Force aims to support town centres, their businesses and the communities they serve through the uncertain period ahead, providing data and sharing knowledge and resources wherever possible.

Training for successful candidates is notionally expected to commence in August 2020.

Applications for the High Streets Task Force are now closed. If you have any questions, contact For more background and information on the Task force, see


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