The LI is seeking members’ views on a new document which will inform the future development of education for the profession

Help develop landscape architecture education

Developed by the LI’s Education and Membership Committee and experts from across the profession, Landscape Architecture: Elements of Practice and Areas of Specialism provides a general statement on what’s involved in the practice of landscape architecture, and the main broad areas of expertise in the profession.

“The new document will be used to provide a framework of reference in ensuring that all the LI’s systems – such as the Pathway and accreditation of university courses – deliver and assess the right things, and are properly aligned.” said Irene Shaw, Chair of Education and Membership Committee.

The document is in two sections, Elements of Practice, which provides a broad general statements of the work undertaken in the profession, and Areas of Specialism, which describes the main distinct areas of specialism or contexts in which landscape architects operate, including two new areas, landscape planning and urban design.

“The document is deliberately written in high level generic terms,” said Shaw. “Although our career paths are often highly individual, most landscape architects will be able to identify their work and/or their career path as belonging to one (or more) of the five broad areas described in the areas of specialism.”

“The framework is a point of reference for our work, not a system, so it doesn’t mean change for our existing members’ said Alastair McCapra. “So for example, there is no intention to ask members to identify themselves as belonging to one specific area.

“Within the consultation, we are looking for feedback from members about whether we have our descriptions right.”

The consultation version of the framework can be downloaded here and the response form here. Responses should be sent to Sue Beard Director of Education and Membership at the institute by 5pm 30 April.


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