Contribute to a HCA Academy debate entitled ‘How do we help citizens to become problem solvers

HCA wants your views on citizen engagement

The HCA Academy’s discussion will focus on what needs to be done to support practitioners to empower communities and work better with active citizens.

It would like to hear your views about how you think empowerment works in practice and what it means to different people. Questions about the barriers to empowerment and what impact the recession has had will also be discussed. To get the debate started, the HCA Academy has put together some films, case studies and reports, which can be viewed by clicking here.

To join the debate, click here.

The HCA Academy is also offering free places on an introductory course that will bring together people from local government, regeneration, housing and the third sector to develop their knowledge about how to create and manage sustainable communities. The 10-week course will also include workshops where participants can share their ideas and experiences. For more information, or to sign up for the course, click here.


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