The RIBA’s fourth annual BIM survey is now open and it is important that landscape professionals take part.

Have your say in the UKs largest BIM survey

Simon Bell, Chair of the LI’s BIM Working Group, says 'The Landscape Institute is actively participating in the development of BIM as a process, striving to keep our members informed of developments and ensuring that the profession is visible in discussions relating to BIM protocols and implementation.

'This is an evolving process that still requires refining and testing and for that reason it is important that your experiences and feedback are heard to ensure that the resulting process is applicable to the profession of Landscape Architecture. I would therefore encourage you all as members of the Landscape Institute to use the RIBA's BIM Survey as an opportunity to feedback where you are on your BIM journey.'

In last year’s survey nearly three quarters (71%) of respondents agreed that BIM represents the ‘future of project information’ and 39% confirmed that they were actually using BIM.

However, although the numbers using BIM had grown, a lack of clarity around the subject was identified as an obstacle to more rapid adoption with 74% agreeing that the industry is ‘not clear enough on what BIM is yet’. Only around one-third of those questioned claimed to be confident in their BIM knowledge and skills.

Despite this uncertainty, the survey once again supported the view that the greater use of BIM is unstoppable with 73% agreeing that clients will increasingly insist on its use and 51% confirming that the Government ‘is on the right track with BIM’.

By 2016 the UK government will require collaborative 3D BIM on all its projects.  To prepare for this, the RIBA’s survey aims to provide a broad, accurate and unbiased account of BIM adoption and maturity across the professions.

You can access the survey here.

It takes only ten minutes to complete and all respondents will be entered into a prize draw for a 32GB iPad with retina display.  The closing date is 28 February 2014.


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