Greenleaf Urban Tree and Landscape Products has published a guide on the benefits of urban trees, which will be distributed to more than 3,000 councillors and local government officers

Guide will help urban planners turn over a new leaf

The 12-page guide has been created to help educate policy and decision makers on the many ways in which trees can improve urban environments.

A Greenleaf spokesperson said: “Campaigns such as the Mayor of London’s ‘Street Trees’ and the government’s ‘Big Tree Plant’ are helping to publicise the importance of urban tree planting, and we hope that our guide will also help to raise awareness with regard to the benefits of maintaining and expanding our urban tree populations.”

The first section of the guide will be an overview of the benefits that urban trees create, considering aspects such as carbon reduction, air quality, physical and mental health, community cohesion, property value, local energy consumption and economic efficiency. The second section will look at the difficulties that trees face in urban environments, discussing basic principles for the design of tree pits to help significantly reduce urban tree mortality rates and allow trees to thrive in challenging surroundings.

Sussex-based Greenleaf has specialised in researching and developing solutions for establishing trees in urban spaces for 18 years, analysing the reasons for premature mortality, and designing tree pit products and systems.

Although creating tree pits involves a large investment than simply planting them directly into the ground, Greenleaf’s publication emphasises how systems for root management, aeration, irrigation and sustainable drainage can lead to healthier mature trees.

A digital version of the guide can be downloaded at A limited number of additional hard copies are also available by contacting Greenleaf directly on 01424 717797 or emailing


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