Palm trees in Westminster? That’s just one of the highlights of the communal gardens at The Lancasters, opened this week

Groovy gardens

In a departure from the neutral landscape schemes that have characterised residential property schemes of the past, the gardens at this illustrious London property are full or bold and daring ideas.

Developed by landscape architects Bowles & Wyrer, the gardens are a modern take on an 18th century parterre. Box motifs ripple through a long rectangular space, punctuated with an avenue of towering palm trees and a central water sculpture.

John Wyer, who designed the scheme, said: “The initial brief from the developers was to design a scheme that would reflect the grandeur of the original architecture. But when I saw the magnificent buildings, with views looking south across Hyde Park, I was reminded of the elegant seafront architecture in Cannes and Nice and wanted to create the same Riviera atmosphere in the design.”

Asked about the palm trees, Wyer added: “I wanted to shy away from the obvious for this project. The Lancasters’ façade has emerged looking as stately as it did in the 1850s, so I wanted to create something that would add a modern twist. The palm trees add a wonderful sense of frivolity without obscuring the architectural details.”

For further information about the gardens at The Lancasters, contact Suzanne Hind.


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