Scheme shows that a tower is not necessary for the London project

Greysmith takes prize in Paddington ideas competition

A team including landscape architect Greysmith Associates has taken one of two prizes in an ideas competition to replace the controversial Paddington Pole scheme, designed by Renzo Piano.

The competition was organised by lobby group Create Streets to show that the west London neighbourhood could be improved and densified without the need for a skyscraper.

The 72-storey Paddington Pole was withdrawn from planning in January by developer Sellar after a campaign against it.

Greysmith Associates, working with AR Urbanism, won one of the two ‘Streets Prize for great placemaking’. Luke Greysmith, founder of Greysmith Associates, said: “We were able to find a way to accommodate the required floor space (without the need for a tall tower) but also integrate development with much improved accessibility, opening up links between the canal and the station frontage.

“This would allow room for a new public square to the front of Paddington station, re-use of the existing historic buildings for retail, commercial and residential plus pedestrian-friendly streets.”

A new planning application for the site is expected shortly.


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