Focus will be on projects leading sustainable design

Green Sky Thinking to include more than 50 events

Green Sky Thinking, the annual sustainability-themed week in London, will take place this year from Monday 20 – Friday 24 April. 

The organiser, Open City, says, 'The events, open to all professionals, aim to provide a critical platform for discussion across the board, highlighting best practice and successful schemes for us all to learn from. They bring a "less talk, more action" approach to the city-wide challenge.'

There will be more than 50 events which will
• consider every building type (from housing to workspace to infrastructure)
• consider every stakeholder (from local authority, client, developer, design team)
• consider current issues (from affordability, technical ‘know how’, biophilia, to well-being).

Events of particular interest to landscape professionals include the following: 

•      Healthy Cities: A Wake-up Call (LUC)
•      British Land: From the Inside Out, Creating our own Place of Preference
•      Achieving Net Gain Biodiversity at an Industrial Site
•      White Collar Factory: Bringing innovative ideas to the workplace
•      The Role of Living Walls within Sustainable Cities
 •     Breathe Easy – a look at the positive health impacts of having plants in and on buildings

For a full programme, and to book places at events, click here


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