Liverpool is now the proud owner of a unique map that shows the city’s green assets

The map reveals just how much green space there is in Liverpool

It was presented to the Leader and Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council by CABE, the government’s advisers on urban design.

The image gives a clear sense of the quantity and distribution of Liverpool’s parks, allotments, green roofs, woodlands and cemeteries – and includes even back gardens and street trees.

The map was donated as part of CABE’s ‘Grey to Green’ campaign, which calls for a better balance between the resources given to these green infrastructure areas and grey infrastructure, such as roads. It shows that Liverpool has an extraordinary reserve that could put it as a leader in creating one of England’s greenest cities that would be beautiful, healthy and resilient to the effects of climate change.

CABE Commissioner Richard Cass said: “When you suck away the grey and look at the green you understand the city differently.”


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