An article on the value of green infrastructure made the Guardian last week.

Green infrastructure in the national press

The article, entitled ‘How do we put a value on green infrastructure?’ by Tony Mulhall, associate director at RICS, discusses how the government should approach the opportunity to develop green spaces.

As arguments in favour of green infrastructure gain momentum in the UK and internationally, Mulhall finds that “there is growing evidence that high-quality green space can generate wide-ranging benefits to the three pillars of sustainable development: the environment, the economy and wider society.”

The recently published Green Infrastructure in Urban Areas by RICS, the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (UK NEA) and the Government’s White Paper The Nature Choice: securing the value of nature, has highlighted the economic, health and social benefits we get from nature, said Mulhall.

He goes on to discuss the benefits of applying green infrastructure to urban areas and how it can be woven into the fabric of the city. His view is that, as we become educated in the cost of implementing green infrastructure projects, we need to start documenting their financial value, looking at the impact of wider green infrastructure and the residential market – particularly relevant with today’s focus on value for money.

Read the full article at the Guardian

The Landscape Institute’s next publication Local Green Infrastructure: helping communities make the most of their landscape will be published on 11 October.


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