The landscape team at architect Sprunt is shortlisted in the Integrated Habitats Design Competition with a proposal for a year of green events in Soho

A flowering meadow in Soho
A flowering meadow in Soho was one aspect of the proposal

We were all wowed by the flowering meadows at the Olympic Games, but could the same happen in the heart of the capital? It could if the landscape team at Sprunt gets its way.

The team proposed a year of green events for Soho, where it is based, as its entry to the Integrated Habitats Design Competition. The competition was based on the idea of emphasising the role of nature in the built environment, so Soho, one of the most densely used and least ‘natural’ areas presented an interesting challenge.

The team came up with a range of proposals, with a number of green spots and also trails of biodiversity running through the area. As well as the meadows, there would be edible gardens and climbing plants.

Although this was an ideas competition, the team, which consists of Adam Thomas, Amy Kirk, Graham Bailey and Nick Udal, is now looking for ways to realise the proposals.


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