Now included in National Planning Practice Guidance

Government issues new guidance on green infrastructure

The government has added new details on green infrastructure to its National Planning Practice Guidance; guidance designed to help support delivery of the National Planning Policy Framework in England.

This has grown out of work over the past year by the Landscape Institute and Town and Country Planning Association, plus members of the Green Infrastructure Partnership,  with the Department for Communities and Local Government on matters relating to green infrastructure (GI) in the planning system.

Previously coverage of GI only included a description of the term, and it featured within a chapter on biodiversity. The recently published changes have significantly enhanced GI content, including:

  • a new chapter being devoted to GI, within the Natural Environment section
  • increased detail to better define GI, how it contributes to sustainable development, how to take a strategic approach to GI, the ways in which it can contribute to other planning policy objectives and the need for long-term planning, including management and maintenance
  • new two-way hyperlinks to other sections of National Planning Practice Guidance, including public health, local plans and climate change
  • a clear statement highlighting that the Community Infrastructure Levy can be used to fund GI
  • the importance of GI within local and neighbourhood planning

Read the complete guidance.


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