Designs for exhibition aim to calm, shelter and entertain the public

The Calm Tree. Photo by Ross Fraser McLean_StudioRoRo

A Glasgow design team, SLAPS, has produced two pieces of ‘social furniture, as part of the Galvanize! exhibition in the city.

The premise of the exhibition, presented by Local Heroes and SWG3 and curated by Stacey Hunter, was,  ‘What would objects look like if designers had the creative freedom to do something radical?’.

SLAPS’ designs, located in SWG3’s new outdoor space Yardworks, consist of two pieces called Glasgow-Rella and the Calm-Tree.

Made from galvanized steel, plastic and PVC, the pieces are suitable for sitting, eating and drinking and are intended to withstand the Scottish weather.

Giulia Fiorista of SLAPS said, ‘The Glasgow-Rella  combines a total of four steps where people can sit and step on, or place their drinks, food and jackets. Between them, a taller pillar gives additional space for placing personal items and it also has the function of sustaining the two covers of the Glasgow-Rella: a yellow and wobbly slice of cheese (PU sheeting) and a wavy crispy piece of bacon (corrugated sheeting).

‘The Calm Tree consists of a big, blue, soft, punching bag. In fact, another theme that we were considering when we started the project alongside the Glasgow weather was the theme of anxiety. We shared our daily experiences on anxieties, from punching pillows and biting nails to running marathons! At the top of the Calm Tree, a bunch of tassels can be pulled down like tree brunches or combed like hair. On top of its galvanised roots, the Calm Tree  can host a maximum of 15 people sitting together very closely, or 6 people sitting comfortably.’


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