George Hargreaves, design director of the 2012 London Olympic Park, is to give the first ever ‘Jellicoe’ lecture at the LI headquarters in October

George Hargreaves, design director of Hargreaves Associates
George Hargreaves, design director of Hargreaves Associates

The lecture will review the development of the Olympic site and Hargreaves’ work over the course of his career.

Hargreaves is senior principal of international landscape consulting firm Hargreaves Associates, a fellow of the American Association of Landscape Architects and co-author and editor of Large Parks, an award winning compilation of essays that explores large urban parks as complex cultural spaces.

His extensive list of projects include the master plan for the Sydney Olympic Park in 2000. He taught at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University for 20 years, tenured there for 12 years, and served as the chairman of the department of landscape architecture for seven years. He was also artist in residence at the American Academy of Rome in 2009.

Under his design direction, Hargreaves Associates has received 34 national awards from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), six from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), five from the Waterfront Cente and three from Progressive Architecture.

The development of the London Olympic Parklands by LDA Design.Hargreaves Associates will transform 2.5sq km of formerly contaminated industrial land into a public space with a festival atmosphere and a quieter green haven for wildlife. Inspired by traditional British Victorian and post-war pleasure gardens, the space will include sporting facilities, bars, cafes, sweeping lawns, a promenade, access to the newly restored river, and live screens that will showcase the Games.

The inaugural Jellicoe lecture will take place at the Landscape Institute, Charles Darwin house, 13 October 2011. Tickets are available here


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