Asset information can combine with other geospatial data sets

Lake District
It will be possible to combine information about assets with their locations

Organisations PCSG, Ordnance Survey and GroupBC have launched GeoConnect+ as a way to connect BIM information with geospatial data in a manner that helps large asset owners and operators manage large, disparate estates better.

GeoConnect+ hosts and connects asset information with other geospatial datasets including OS open data, OS mapping data, land and property data, flood, river, road network data and others.

One of the main objectives is to deliver a platform where users can not only discover information about what they are managing, but also where it is located.

Paul Griffiths of Ordnance Survey said: ‘The theory being tested is that connecting data about thousands of geographically dispersed assets with geospatial, environmental and socio-economic data will be a key enabler and lead to significant savings through being better informed and the ability to make more cost-effective decisions.’


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