The Thames Gateway Parklands programme is on track to deliver 15 transformative projects in East London, North Kent and South Essex by the end of March

Thames Gateway Parklands programme
Thames Gateway Parklands programme

Produced by the Greening the Gateway Partnership, along with the Green Grids of East London, North Kent and South Essex, the programme is one of the Thames Gateway’s most tangible successes. Having worked with local organizations and communities, the team has more than doubled an initial government investment of £32m to nearly £70m.

The completion of the projects will lead to the environmental transformation of one of Europe’s largest regeneration areas. In total over 600 hectares of new green space, more than 2000 hectares of enhanced green space, 7 kilometres of Thames Estuary Path and 110 hectares of SSSI improvements will be generated. Five new sustainable visitor centres have been created which will welcome over 400,000 new visitors to the area.

Design Champion for the Thames Gateway, Sir Terry Farrell CBE believes the area is now “an exceptional landscape that transforms perceptions of place”.


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