Townshend Landscape Architects is aiming to enhance the City of London’s biodiversity with a series of roof gardens.

Gardens in the sky

The four terraced gardens – representing 50 per cent of the roof area (almost 5,000m2 ) – are a key feature of British Land’s new, 20-storey Ropemaker building, near Moorgate station.

The gardens are located on the 8th, 12th 16th and 20th floors and will be partially covered with a wide variety of herbaceous and evergreen plants, shrubs and trees, planted within soil on a waterproof membrane.

The landscape design comprises a series of planted mounds, whose forms are based on a mathematical theorem. A series of trees are planted at strategic points on the mounds to reinforce the sense of enclosure, accentuate a view or provide a focal point of interest.

The building, designed by Arup Associates, is characterised by the incorporation of a wide range of sustainability measures, to reduce energy and water use, cut down waste, and decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

The development is expected to achieve an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating.


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