Installation promotes health benefits of nature

Garden Bed takes gold at Chelsea

A garden installation promoting the therapeutic powers of the natural environment in treating those with serious illness has won a gold medal at this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Designs for 'Garden Bed', by landscape architect Stephen Welch and master florist Alison Doxey, were featured in the LI newsletter in April

The finished installation used a real hospital bed with a moss matress and quilt of woven flowers and foliage, situated in a sothing garden of bulbs, perennials and trees. The clipped yew hedge gives a sense of privacy and security and a ceramic water feature creates a sense of calm. The arrangement makes it look as if the bed has been pushed from a bedroom or ward outside into the garden, and visitors were invited to experience it from the point of view of the patient.

'Creating the garden for the show, as well as being at the event for the first time, has been an absolutely thrilling experience,' said Stephen. 

'It has been extraordinary to work with a subject that has touched so many people's lives and hear the real-life stories from visitors. So many people are affected by the care provided in hospitals and hospices, with access to a garden being a massive factor in providing comfort and tranquility.

'We are delighted to have been awarded a gold medal and have found the whole experience enormously fulfilling. This has been a wonderful opportunity to illustrate and educate people about the opportunities available in landscape architecture and the ties to architectural design.'

'Garden Bed' was built by Frost Landscapes and sponsored by Asda.


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