East Malling Research is running an industry workshop at the University of Lancaster on 25 February, with the aim of developing best-practice guidance notes on integrated and non-chemical weed control.

Free workshop on integrated and non-chemical amenity weed control

Free of charge, the workshop aims to further develop discussions about integrated approaches to amenity weed control and consider appropriate guidance notes for users, including situations where pesticide use may not be possible.

It forms part of an ongoing weed project in Thanet, funded by Defra, through the Chemicals Regulation Directorate, which is trialling integrated and non-chemical methods of weed control.
‘It is important for the success of the guidance notes that we have attendance from all parts of the amenity industry that are involved with weed control,’ says David Mounter CMLI, landscape officer at Kent County Council’s Highways & Transportation and a member of the project team. ‘The guidance notes will be relevant to anybody involved in the control of weeds on hard surfaces which could include weed-control contractors, contract specifiers or landscape managers  who wish to make informed decisions on how best to control weeds on hard surfaces.’
Limited spaces remain. If you are interested in attending please contact david.mounter@kent.gov.uk as soon as possible.



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