Susan Carter has just retired from LDA Design after a long and illustrious career in the landscape profession, spanning almost 40 years

Susan Carter
Susan Carter

After graduating from Bristol University with a degree in Geography, Susan went on to study at Newcastle University, achieving a Diploma with distinction in Landscape Design.

Embarking on a landscape career in the 1970s, she worked for Milton Keynes Development Corporation. She made her mark early, by selecting the central tree boulevard for the fledgling new town as part of the design team there, before moving on to work for Durham County Council for the next decade.

Susan later lived and worked in Kendal, joining the private practice of Woolerton Truscott, which was later acquired by Société Générale de Surveillance in 1993.

During her 11-year career as Associate Director with LDA Design, Susan led several of the most important landscape character assessments (LCA), which were instrumental in ensuring the consultancy has remained at the forefront of LCA in the UK.

In addition to landscape character assessment, her specialisms included landscape and visual assessments in both rural and urban situations, as part of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process and co-ordinating Environmental Statements. Her portfolio includes the Upper Thames Catchment Area Landscape Assessment for the Environment Agency, which led to developing an important river management strategy.

She prepared the draft strategic management plan for the South Downs, which later went on to achieve the accolade of becoming England’s latest and long fought for National Park. Her characterisation of Northamptonshire, which included a suite of assessments, culminated in an overarching composite environmental character assessment (ECA).

Her integrity and thorough professionalism are just two of the qualities her clients and colleagues will miss. On behalf of the landscape profession, LDA Design wishes Susan much happiness in her well-deserved retirement.


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