The largest interactive green energy lighting project in North America is announced

San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge
San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge

The San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge, built in 1969 and spanning 2.5 curved miles, is to be lit up by the winners of a competition to illuminate the bridge by eco-friendly means. The project will comprise an international team led by London-based artist Peter Fink (Form Associates) and Lighting Designer of the Year 2007 Mark Major (Speirs + Major) in association with Buro Happold in Los Angeles.

Not only is the end result eco-friendly, utilising turbine power to work the ultra low consumption LED lights, but it is also intuitive. The parapet lights will change depending on the direction, speed and intensity of traffic flow over the bridge. The lights will even have the ability to respond to the movements of larger ships through its nautical gateway.


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