The course will run on 24 and 25 June

Forestry Commission runs forest landscape design course

The Forestry Commission is running a two-day forest landscape design course in York from 24-25 June.

The indoor training course seeks to explain what is meant by ‘landscape’ and explore the principles of forest landscape design as outlined in the UK Forestry Standard (UKFS) Guidelines ‘Forests and Landscape’.

Structured to combine presentations with practical design exercises, the course will  demonstrate how the application of these principles can contribute towards the effective design of both new forests, and felling and restocking an existing forest, all in a variety of landscape contexts.
‘This course is intended to promote the understanding and professional practice of planning and designing forest and woodland landscapes, and to support the drive towards woodland creation for the improvement of landscape, biodiversity, well being and flood defence/mitigation,’ says FC senior landscape architect Russell Bailey.
It will also provide an explanation of the design principles, demonstrates their application, and allow practice time to apply them to forest design work.
The course will be run in an informal way with no exams and no critiques of work. Feedback will be through the exchange of ideas and open discussion on worked examples which illustrate the tutor’s responses to the exercises. ‘The main exercises will be carried out in small syndicate groups, in a supportive and non-judgemental environment. Fundamentally, the course has been designed to be an enjoyable experience for all abilities.’
Contact Russell Bailey for more information.


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