The page gives an overview of official advice on the invasive disease, which has now spread to almost every part of the UK, and signposts key sources of guidance on identifying and managing it

Photo by Neil Harvey on Unsplash

The Forestry Commission has published a new resource hub for anybody seeking information or guidance on ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus), an invasive fungus that has now spread to almost all parts of the UK.

The hub is aimed at ‘those who own or manage ash trees, including private tree and woodland owners’, but will nevertheless be useful to anybody involved in specifying and planting, as well as those who manage landscapes and woodlands.

The page gives an overview of all pertinent government advice on ash dieback disease and management. It also signposts key sources of guidance, including from the Forestry Commission, Tree Council, Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA), National Tree Safety Group (NTSG), Arboricultural Association, Forest Research, and Natural England.

Find out more at GOV.UK – Managing ash dieback in England.


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