The latest research from the Green Flag Award scheme has shed new light on what the public wants from local green space

Forbury Gardens in Reading
Forbury Gardens in Reading

Based on a survey of 900 people, the People, Places and their Green Spaces report gives insight into when and how people use green space, which facilities they use and what improvements they would like to see. The report reveals that more than 50 per cent of people visit a park at least once a week, with activities ranging from walking to playing with children.

The report identifies four main categories of park user. These include those who see green spaces as an opportunity to interact with nature and enjoy the ‘great outdoors’ (accounting for 40 per cent of respondents); those who perceive green spaces as a ‘sanctuary’ offering peace and relaxation; those who use green spaces as a ‘playground’ to enjoy together with children; and those who exhibit their ‘team spirit’ by taking part in outdoor games.

The small group of respondents (10 per cent) who do not currently use green spaces cited fear of crime, poor accessibility, excess litter or the potential for boredom as reasons for their reluctance.

The research findings will not only play a part in helping to shape the future development of the UK’s green spaces but will also raise awareness of the Green Flag Award scheme, which this year attracted more than 1,300 applications.

Download a copy of the report here 


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