Advance works for Chelmsford Floor Alleviation Scheme are now under way.

Flood defence works under way to protect Chelmsford

Preliminary work is being undertaken in advance of a flood alleviation scheme in Essex, designed to protect more than 1,200 homes and businesses in Chelmsford from flooding.

Advance works for the Chelmsford Flood Alleviation Scheme are under way at Margaretting, a village four miles southwest of Chelmsford. These include passing bays along part of the access route, a temporary 30mph speed limit, pothole repairs, drainage maintenance, and timber bollards around the village green.
The scheme is being funded jointly by Chelmsford City Council, as part of the European funded Floodcom project, and the Environment Agency.
The Floodcom funding covers the detailed planning and design of the scheme, project management, and an education programme with nearby Margaretting Church of England Primary School and a partner school in Dunkirk, France.
Homes and businesses in central and outer Chelmsford are at high risk from flooding associated with the Chelmer, Can and Wid rivers.
Construction of an embankment on the River Wid is anticipated to start this summer.
Chelmsford City Council said one of the main challenges in the project was the amount of time it took to understand the problem and find an appropriate solution in the right location.
The Floodcom initiative is a European-funded project involving five partners across four European countries:  from the UK, Essex County Council and Chelmsford City Council; from Belgium, Waterweegen en Zeekanaal NV, in Antwerp; from France IIW, in St Omer; and in the Netherlands, the City of Breda.


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