Conference will highlight importance of landscape in design review process

Farrell Review conference to focus on landscape

The need to incorporate landscape into the design review process will be the focus of a conference in February 2015, organised by the Design Network, and not the end of the year as announced previously.

‘We want to have plenty of time to plan it properly,’ says Design Network chair David Tittle, who is also chief executive of MADE, the charitable organisation promoting a high quality built environment as essential for economic prosperity and wellbeing.

First mentioned in the recent update to the Farrell Review of Architecture and the Built Environment (FAR), the conference will address how design review panels should become PLACE (planning, landscape, architecture, conservation and engineering) Review Panels, ‘to ensure this service is more collaborative and broader in scope’. FAR also mentions how design reviews should be ‘less like a crit at architecture school with peers passing judgement and more enabling and collaborative’.

Design review is evolving, says Tittle, and the conference, which will be hosted by New London Architecture, will address how it should continue to evolve.

The Design Network comprises eight not-for-profit groups working to promote better and more sustainable places to stimulate economic growth. It is also encouraging local authorities to use design review, in line with National Planning Policy Framework recommendations.


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