Two ministers address reception in the House of Commons

Farrell celebrates a year after Farrell Review and steps back

Sir Terry Farrell celebrated the first anniversary of the Farrell Review with a reception in the House of Commons at which he discussed the achievements so far and also said that the members of the review would be less active from now on. ‘I always said that we would back off after a year,’ he told the audience. As Ed Vaizey said at the launch, this is a movement not a report.’

Other people are now taking forward many of the recommendations, he said. Matthew Carmona at the Bartlett School of Planning is championing the Place Alliance, taking forward the idea of PLACE review as a broader tool than design review.

This is one of a number of position papers that has been launched and circulated to MPs. Others are on valuing design quality, on urban rooms, and on heritage and future cities.

Speaking at the event, Ed Vaizey, Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, who originally commissioned the Farrell review, said, ‘It seems like only yesterday that I asked Terry to undertake the review.’ He praised its success precisely because it did not make demands directly on government. ‘I felt that any report that says “government must do this” would not go far.’

Brandon Lewis, Minister of State for  Housing and Planning for Department for Communities and Local Government, also spoke. He said, ‘The way that quality of design has moved up the agenda in the last year is in part due to this review.’ He spoke about the pressure for new homes and the realisation that we need ‘really good design to deliver sustainable communities’.


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