Show at Building Centre follows on LI consultation

Exhibition on Green Belt planned

LI members responded in considerable numbers to the recent consultation on the Green Belt.  The results are currently being analysed and will assist the Policy and Communications Committee in establishing a position on this important issue.

As the next step in our work, we will be running an exhibition with the Building Centre, London which explores the history and the future of the green belt.  Full details will be available on the LI and Building Centre websites.

One of the key issues raised in the consultation was: Is current policy on the Green Belt fit for purpose? There appears to be a consensus that it is out of step with current thinking on planning, designing and managing land for green infrastructure and ecosystem services. Most members agree that the Green Belt has served its post-war purpose well, preventing urban sprawl and coalescence. However to continue to preserve it as it is, may possibly be to preserve an idea of the Green Belt that has become a fiction. For example, many argue that the public perception of the Green Belt as countryside is at odds with the reality of degraded or over-farmed land with little amenity or ecological value.

There is also considerable appetite for a review to assess how big the gap between the fiction and the reality really is, and for this review to inform policy that ensures that Green Belt land is not only preserved but enhanced. If it is to be released, the decision must be based on the merits of the individual site. And if it is to be developed, then it must be done sensitively. Members certainly agree that Green Belt needs recalibration for the 21st century.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to our consultation and we are really pleased with the breadth of responses. The findings of our report will be shared over the next few months.


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