Landscape studio invited to form team for sustainable energy initiative

Erz on Land Art Generator Glasgow shortlist

Glasgow-based landscape studio Erz is leading one of three multidisciplinary design teams invited to present concept designs for the city’s proposed Land Art Generator – a public artwork that will also generate clean, renewable energy.

The site for the project is Dundas Hill, to the north of the city centre. The brownfield site was formerly occupied by a distillery and is currently earmarked for mixed-use, low-energy development by BIGG Regeneration.

Erz will be working with Edinburgh-based artist and poet Alec Finlay and Berlin-based architect Riccardo Mariano, an associate with Denmark’s Studio Olafur Eliasson. Teams were chosen on the basis of theri creative track record; understanding of Glasgow in relation to place-making and sustainability; evidence of collaboration across disciplines and practices; appropriateness of team presented; and commitment to education and engagement. Concept designs will be submitted later this month after which stakeholders will decide how to proceed.

The aim of the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) is to raise the visibility of, and foster community engagement with, renewable energy production. It was started in 2010 since when it has held four successful ideas competitions, in UAE, New York, Copenhagen and Southern California. Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian, founding directors of LAGI said: ‘The idea is that the renewable energy and public art component will inform the overall approach and result in an engaging and sustainable master plan.’

A winner is expected to be announced in April, with schemes exhibited at Glasgow’s Lighthouse gallery in June. See the LAGI website for details


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