The LI has revealed the results of the elections to the Advisory Council.

Elections results announced

The new Corporate Members are Brian Clouston, Tony Edwards, Susan Illman, Elizabeth Ford, Richard Martin Kelly, John Stuart-Murray and Ian Phillips. The total number of votes cast was 594, representing an 18 per cent turnout.

Kate Dundas and Clare Michael, meanwhile, have been elected as Licentiate Members.
One of the first tasks of the Advisory Council will be to complete the process of selecting the new Board of Trustees, 12 in number, who are responsible for the management of the Institute.

President Neil Williamson said: “I am delighted to see that the revisions to the Charter have led to such an actively contested election that has brought so many new faces to the Advisory Council.” 

For a full breakdown of the votes, visit the main LI website. 

The results have been have been verified by the Electoral Reform Society and the formal announcement of them will be made to Council on 6 July as prescribed in the Institute’s bylaws.


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