Economics for landscape architecture

The LI is working on two publications that seek to tackle how current political developments are affecting the industry. The first of these is on the economic benefits of landscape.

In the current economic and political climate the need to argue the case for investment in landscape has never been more necessary. The scale and extent of public sector cuts in the recent budget, along with the apparent policy direction of the new government, requires a message from the LI outlining the direct economic benefits that can be gained as a result of landscape interventions.

This will be done through the development of a short document that focuses on landscape case studies and the value they can bring to the development or placemaking process.

Green infrastructure and localism
The LI is in the early stages of developing a short publication that tackles the subject of strategic planning, design and delivery of GI at the local level. This initial position statement will remain in print as the source document for policy implementation.

Defra’s recent white paper discussion document, An invitation to shape the nature of England, shows that the highlighted the importance of GI and acknowledged the need for its planning and delivery at a larger-than-local level. However, it is important to keep an eye on how certain policy proposals under the new government will impact the GI proposals that have arisen since the formation of the new government. These include:

  • Publication of Natural Environment White Paper (to be published April 2011).
  • Revocation of Regional Spatial Strategies (Decentralisation and Localism Bill – to commence and be passed in November 2011).
  • The establishment of Local Enterprise Partnerships, which are currently intended to also fulfil a planning function (to commence September 2010, to end September 2011).
  • Creation of new designations to protect green areas of particular importance to local communities (Decentralisation and Localism Bill, timescale as above).
  • National tree planting campaign (to be launched December 2010).
  • Big Society and localism agendas.


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