Donated bulbs bring colour to Manchester and Warrington

Dutch flowers help to green British cities

Gifts of bee-friendly tulips, flower boxes and a tree form part of a new collaboration between Holland and the UK to create greener, healthier environments in the UK’s northern cities.

Manchester launched its ‘Greener Cities’ project this month, with an Urban Landscaping Innovation Day hosted by the Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO), with support from Manchester City Council and Warrington Council. 

Lord Mayor of Manchester, Susan Cooley, helped plant a tree, donated by a Dutch nursery, in Manchester’s Cathedral Gardens. A Dutch company has also donated 25,000 bee-friendly tulip bulbs, which community groups will plant across the city. Later that day, delegates from UK and Dutch companies watched innovative Dutch machinery planting a further 25,000 tulip bulbs in Walton Gardens, Warrington.
The NBSO organised the day to highlight its commitment to working with the local business community: ‘The Dutch Government sees the potential of the UK’s northern cities,’ says Roxana de Raad, chief representative at the NBSO’s Manchester office. ‘It’s why we have an official business office here. We also want to contribute to local policies that help make city centres more attractive to businesses and residents. This includes looking at innovative ways to regenerate green spaces in an easy, sustainable and cost effective way. The Netherlands has pioneered a number of new green technologies and products to bring these goals within easy reach, and yesterday’s innovation day offered a great opportunity to share best practices between the two countries.’


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