World Monument Fund event will take place at Royal Geographical Society

Dr Oliver Cox to lecture on Capability Brown

In this tercentenary of Capability Brown's death, landscape historian Dr Oliver Cox is to give a lecture entitled 'Clumps & Concrete: 300 years of Lancelot "Capability" Brown'.  In this he will explain why Capability Brown’s influence is more powerful than ever and how his designs have influenced post-war reconstruction.

Brown cut his teeth designing the garden landscapes surrounding Stowe House, a building that has been WMFB’s 10 year flagship project. Every window of the mansion frames a view crafted by the hand of Brown. From Stowe, Brown’s name was associated with a further 260 landscapes before his death at the age of 67 – 35 of them in Greater London alone. His work is enduring and the images which his created remain embedded in the English character through art and literature.

The lecture will take place on Tuesday 26 April at 7pm at the Royal Geographical Society in London. Book tickets  through the LI for a reduced price ticket of £15.00. To book please call 020 7251 8142 or book online here.


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