Tonkin Liu’s Dover seafront project officially opens this week

Dover Esplanade
Dover Esplanade

After a design competition run by the Landscape Institute in 2009, winning design company Tonkin Liu was set to see their design become a reality. A little over a year later and the Dover-front’s project; Lifting Wave, Resting Wave and Light Wave, is set to open this week.

The £2 million seafront project created a 3,500 square metre promenade connecting the East and West Dover docks. The three parts of the project have different functions:

Lifting Wave
This is a repeating set of ramps and staircases made of pre-cast white concrete that rise and fall connecting the esplanade to the shingle beach. A gully side-ramp collects all the water runoff.

Resting Wave
A sculptured retaining wall that runs the length of the esplanade is designed to prevent fly posting and tagging. This area also features weathered oak benches designed to resemble driftwood.

Lighting Wave
This is a sculptured wave of white columns lit up by floodlights while mini spotlights illuminate the decorative ‘froth’ of the wave.


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