LT Studio celebrates planning permission for new way of living

Dorset community housing scheme wins unanimous approval

A revolutionary scheme for 34 new homes with communal facilities in Bridport, Dorset, has won unanimous planning approval.

Designed by Barefoot Architecture with LT Studio Landscape Architects, the scheme, for Bridport Cohousing Community Land Trust, is a mix of one-to-four bedroom homes, with a high proportion of shared ownership and affordable rents. The idea is to create an affordable, sustainable, mutually supportive community, with shared facilities such as a dining room, siting room, laundry room and guest rooms.

Sustainability and biodiversity are key, with the highly insulated homes built using locally sourced materials, and the landcape including drainage swales, rain gardens, reed beds and cider orchards. A community planting space will use organic and permaculture methods, and there will be play equipment for children on the village green.

Private cars will be left in a car park, with trolleys provided to transport goods to individual houses, helping keep streets largely free from vehicles.

Marc Dix, director of LT Studio Landscape Architects, said: 'We are delighted to have been working closely with the future residents of Bridport Cohousing throughout the development of this scheme. This project represents a step change in 21st century living and breathes new life into this area of Dorset.'


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