The Home Office is currently undertaking a consultation entitled ‘Working together to protect crowded places’.

Crowded places remain an attractive target for international terrorists, who have demonstrated that they are likely to target places that are easily accessible, regularly available and offer the prospect of an impact beyond the loss of life alone – such as serious disruption or particular economic or social impacts.

It has been recognised that the design of public realm offers not only an opportunity to create great places but to incorporate design principles that can help lessen the likelihood of the area becoming a target of terrorism.

In response to this consultation, the Landscape Institute is working with RIBA on developing guidance in response to the Government’s consultation. It would be helpful if members could suggest possible examples where counter-terrorism measures have been successfully incorporated into the design of public realm. It is appreciated that, for security reasons, precise details might not be disclosed. However, overarching principles from specific schemes would be helpful.

For further information or to discuss this matter further, please contact the policy team, Policy and Public Affairs Officer, on 020 7299 4509 or at


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