An award is being offered to landscape architects that can protect a nightclub from attack.

Design to challenge terrorism

The project, developed by the RSA, the Home Office and the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, asks for design responses that mitigate the threat of vehicle borne attacks in the area surrounding a large nightclub.

Developed for landscape architects, as well as those from across the design disciplines, the award aims to draw attention to the issues of security and counterterrorism in the process of designing places visited and used by the public.

The brief imagines that a country’s largest nightclub, called Enterprise Nation, is concerned that it will be targeted by a terrorist attack via a vehicle. The nightclub has an 8,000 capacity and is built on the site of an old stadium.

The project, which offers an award of £2,000, is open to undergraduates, postgraduates and those in the first year following graduation.


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