Design Council is seeking landscape leaders and change-makers, specialists in climate change and biodiversity, and members of underrepresented and marginalised communities to strengthen its network of built environment experts

A terrific opportunity is available at the Design Council for landscape, climate and biodiversity experts to join a growing network of built environment leaders.

By broadening their network, Design Council aim to ‘better [reflect] the communities we serve together… to respond even more effectively to growing societal, environmental and economic challenges and create the resilience we need to enable a better and more equal future.’

They seek to create a network that includes more members of underrepresented and marginalised communities, as well as those who work to support them. This includes better representation of Black people, gender, disability, and those who have lived experience of socio-economic disadvantage.

‘We know that the design and built environment sectors have a diversity challenge, and our refresh gives us the opportunity to address this,’ said Sue Morgan, Acting joint Chief Executive at Design Council. ‘We are therefore actively recruiting for, and welcome, a diversity of candidates that reflects the “all” of the society we are designing with and for.’

Welcoming experts in landscape, biodiversity and climate change

Design Council also wants to welcome more landscape practitioners, as well as specialists in biodiversity and climate change.

‘Design Council shares the Landscape Institute’s vision of embedding landscape expertise at every stage of a project,’ Sue continued.

‘It’s all about creating an environment that delivers for future generations. Due attention at the design stage of a project to resilience, health and wellbeing, and sustainability can already go a long way to strengthening project outcomes. And with a landscape-led vision incorporated across the entire project lifespan – from planning, through design, to delivery and ongoing management – the outcomes will be all the stronger. And our homes, neighbourhoods and infrastructure will be truly fit for the future.

‘I heartily encourage and welcome professionals from across the breadth of landscape practice to consider joining our community of experts, and helping us deliver a shared vision of a resilient built environment.’

Find out more

Three distinct expert roles are available: Corporate Partner, Associate, and Specialist. To find out more and apply, visit the Design Council website or view the job advert here.

Applications close on Friday 15 January 2021, with appointments and inductions scheduled to take place during February. Design Council expects the new expert network to be up and running by Monday 1 March 2021.


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