An online resource, the Ecosystems Knowledge Network will allow individuals and companies to share information about ecosystems projects around the world

Defra to launch new Ecosystems Knowledge Network

A sustainable way of tackling building projects, the ‘ecosystems approach’, as it’s called, encourages the use of natural resources to help create environmentally-conscious solutions.

The website will allow groups and organisations to share expert knowledge, as well as highlighting the pioneering projects taking place in the UK and elsewhere – projects that are exploring innovative ways of managing land and sea environments. It will also encourage people who are new to the ‘ecosystems approach’ to get involved and share ideas.

The network is being developed by an independent partnership including the NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, the Natural Capital Initiative and Countryscape. It is free to join and open to anyone.

For further information about the network or to register your interest in joining email the network coordinator at


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