Kent Architecture Centre is calling for applications from built environment professionals to join its new Regional Design Panel in Berkshire and the South East Regional Design Panel.

The closing date for the first-ever UK Landscape Award is 27 August 2010. The Award was created by the European Landscape Convention and helps to implement the Convention in the UK.

All kinds of landscapes are eligible to enter – urban, rural, peri-urban (urban edge), suburban, coastal, agricultural, industrial, designed, natural, cultural and so on.

There are restrictions on who can enter. You must be:
• a local or regional authority; or
• a grouping of local or regional authorities; or
• a non-governmental organisation (NGO), such as a registered charity or housing association.

If you do not fit one of these categories, there is nothing to stop you suggesting that the appropriate authority should enter.

The winner will become the UK’s entry to the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe (COE), which will be decided by the COE in March 2011. The Award has only been run once before; this is the first time that it has taken place in the UK.

For more details on the Award and how to enter, click here.


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