Cross-cultural competition for young landscape architects from France and England

Cross-cultural competition for young landscape architects from France and England

They are calling for applications from ‘landscapers, visual artists, architects and designers’, age 35 or below, and who have graduated from European schools for designs for 11 sites across both cities. Five of these are located in the ancient Hortillonages d’Amiens, a 300-hectare ‘mosaic of water and greenery’ in the heart of Amiens, and six within the historic centre of King’s Lynn.

Bids must be submitted before 25 December 2012 in one of two categories: landscape or visual arts. Applicants submitting for France must be English and working in England, while those submitting for England may be French or English and working in either country. Group applications from French/English teams are particularly welcome, but these must include more French members if submitted for England and more English ones if submitted for France.

Projects will be developed in cooperation with the local populations of each city and  are intended to to help strengthen ‘the touristic attractiveness’ of both sites. Objectives include developing and preserving natural and man-made heritage; raising awareness of sustainable development; and promoting and developing cross-border exchanges and expertise.

The organisers are selecting a jury of French and English landscape architects, architects, exhibition organisers, school representatives and ‘community cultural stakeholders’. This ‘artistic committee’ will select applicants based equally on ‘the artistic quality of the applicant’s past educational and professional experience and their consideration of natural and historic preservation and development in their cover letter’.


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