Copenhagens Superkilen Park brings global objects together

Copenhagens Superkilen Park brings global objects together

Instead the park gathers artefacts from around the world, in a celebration of the identities of the residents living around the half-mile long park.

Designed by architect BIG with landscape architect Topotek1 and art consultancy Superflex it combines signs, objects and motifs from garden history around the world. It has exercise equipment from Muscle Beach in California, palm trees from China and one of the black bulls that decorate hillsides in Spain to promote sherry.

There are three distinct areas to the park, each with its own signature colour. The red square is devoted to sporting activities and a market place;  the black square is conceived as an urban living room with tables and seating from a range of countries; the green square is for competitive sports. All the colours are intense, carried through not only the main surfacing but cycle lanes and paths.


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