Conwy Council approves plans for inland surfing lake

Conwy Council approves plans for inland surfing lake

Surf Snowdonia, plans for which were announced in July will be built on the 40-acre site of the former Dolgarrog Aluminium Works, which closed in 2007. Planit Intelligent Environments (Planit-IE), based in Altrincham, designed the masterplan for the scheme on behalf of CAL (part of the Ainscough Group).

‘This is not a cheap and cheerful water park,’ said Planit-IE director Pete Swift. ‘It is a world-class surfing facility, able to generate the perfect 2m-high wave, day in day out, all year round.’

The park will cater for beginner and expert surfers. CAL director Steve Davies believes the park will will attract up to 75,000 visitors a year, ‘not just surfers but families too’. It is also expected to create around 100 new jobs.

The Wavegarden concept has been developed over the last seven years by a group of hydrological, civil and mechanical engineers – who also happen to be passionate surfers.  R&D investment totalling €7m has been spent, leading to the construction of a full-sized prototype being built late last year in northern Spain.  The facility has been tested by some of the Pro-Tour’s greatest surfers, says Planit-IE, ‘to rapturous approval’.

The Wavegarden at Surf Snowdonia is likely to be the first up and running in the UK, and possibly the world. In addition to the WaveGarden, the site will include a cable wake board lake; activity lagoon; lodge accommodation and a central hub building – designed by Seven Architecture.  

Work is scheduled to begin in early autumn this year. CAL aims to have the facility open for surfing in late summer 2014.


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