Gillespies was key advisor on visual impact

Wylfa transmission line
The proposed route of the 27km transmission line

National Grid has published a map showing the 27km route of the new pylon line which will transport power from the new Wylfa Newydd nuclear power station on Anglesey to the Pentir substation in Gwynedd on the Welsh mainland. Much of the proposed line will follow the route of an existing pylon line which runs from the Wylfa nuclear power station across Anglesey and into north Gwynedd.
National Grid has also published images of the five metre wide tunnel that will carry cables under the Menai Strait. This will be one of the most significant civil engineering projects in Wales in recent years. It will be around 4km long and means that pylons will be at some distance from the coast, avoiding impacts on the Anglesey Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Trust land at Plas Newydd and Vaynol Park.

National Grid commissioned Gillespies to advise on the landscape and visual issues in both routeing  the overhead line and siting the associated infrastructure which includes extensions to the substation, new sealing end compounds and tunnelhead houses. The planning team at Gillespies is also providing specialist consenting officer support to National Grid.

Although some impacts from the pylons will be unavoidable, National Grid has chosen a
route which will keep the impacts of the new connection on communities and the environment to a minimum. Feedback from communities and technical specialists has been used to further reduce the effects of the proposal.

Gillespies will continue to work with National Grid in reviewing the proposals alongside
the information received from the current consultation and develop them further to
ensure that effects on landscape and visual interest are minimised through a carefully
designed and mitigated overhead line route.


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