Event celebrates career of Dr Alison Hardie

Conference reexamines Chinese garden history
Conference reexamines Chinese garden history

On 19 June 2015, the Landscape Department of the University of Sheffield and the city’s Confucius Institute are hosting a conference on the history of Chinese Gardens.

The event will bring together international speakers unlikely to be gathered again in the UK, say its organisers. Their papers will touch upon diverse aspects of Chinese gardens studies, from historical, sociological, artistic and cultural points of view. These include the Western perception of the Chinese garden through orientalism, the “Chinese gardens” built in Western countries, and the translation of Chinese sources or the study of regional gardening styles.

The conference is being organised to celebrate the career of the University of Leeds’ Dr Alison Hardie, ahead of her retirement this summer. The events programme includes international scholars and PhD students who have worked closely with Alison.

Delegate and student rates are available for those wishing to attend the conference.


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