LI Scotland invites entries for competition and exhibition

Competition launches on placemaking in Scotland

The Landscape Institute in Scotland has launched a competition for LI members to present their ideas for placemaking. These should not be a response to a specific design brief but instead should be members' own projects or ideas for placemaking. These can be urban or rural, in association with building or not, at concept or design stage, or completed.

Submissions should be on a single or two A1 boards in landscape (horizontal) format and a single A4 (vertical) description of the project. If you have existing project boards that meet the criteria then these can be submitted. Authorship can be disclosed.

Entrants must be members of the Landscape Institute. They can be individuals and include students, groups or organisations whose staff are members of the Institute. Entries will be welcomed from practices and private and public sector organisations or agencies.

Registration must be by 17 October. See details of the entrance fee, prizes and conditions here.  

The submissions will be judged and exhibited at Architecture and Design Scotland in Edinburgh and the Lighthouse in Glasgow in November 2014. 


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