Landscape architects, architects, artists and students invited to define beauty and create a home and setting

Competition launches for beautiful house

Individuals and multi-disciplinary teams are invited to create a ground-breaking, yet timeless proposal for a 91 hectare site in the UK. This international open competition offers the opportunity to rethink the way that a home is structured, lived in and aesthetically viewed. Through this competition, winners will be chosen for their innovative solutions to defining ‘beauty’ and the ‘home’.

The competition is being run by BW International, the global arm of Barton Willmore, on behalf of its client. The judges are Fokke Moerel of MVRDV, Neil Porter of Gustafson Porter, Mick Finch of Central Saint Martins, and Ed Hollis, architect and author of The School of Life’s ‘How to Make a Home’.

There is a total prize fund of £25,000. The submission deadline is 30 September. See more on the competiton website.


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